Top Four Ways to Make Good Deals Even Better - WSJ Video

No matter what you may be shopping for, MarketWatch reporter Charles Passy has four tips for turning good online deals into great ones.

The most important piece of advice: Don't buy things you don't need.

Ally Bank Commercial - "Trapped"

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How to transfer cassette player audio to a CD

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Tour the new, customizable Medline/PubMed page (video)

From the NCBINLM YouTube channel: Tour the new, customizable My NCBI home page and functions.

Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays? TED video finds no one remembers why

Since 1845, Americans have been voting on Tuesdays -- but why? In this humorous talk, Jacob Soboroff shares the history of Election Day and shows how voting on a Tuesday affects voter turnout:

Losing your smartphone can cost much more than you may realize

From MarketWatch: Say you just lost your wallet with $40 cash in it. You’d feel bad, right? There’s the inconvenience of canceling cards, getting a new driver’s license, etc. But what if you lost your wallet with $900 in cash in it, plus your address book and your bank passwords? That’s what it’s like when you lose your smartphone.

What to Do If You Lose Your Smartphone:


What it really costs when you lose your smartphone - Jeanette Pavini's Buyer Beware - MarketWatch

The New Blogger by Google - Check it out

Several of my blogs are hosted on by Google. It's a simple yet powerful platform that you can use to create not only blogs but also regular websites. The service costs are zero to you as an author, user, reader, etc.

The video below introduces the new Blogger interface and some useful new tools:


Moving to the New Blogger Interface