Google in Medicine

How to use the search engines to improve research and patient care. Go to the GYM (Google, Yahoo, MSN).

This is a list of some my blog articles:

Share iGoogle Tabs with Medical Journals, Podcasts and Gadgets

Make Your Own "Medical Journal" with iGoogle Personalized Page

Will Google Apps be a Game-changer for Doctor Practices?

Google Calendar for Patients: Monitor Your Medical Condition

Google Calendar for Doctors: Help Patients See Your Practice Schedule and Make Appointments

How Can a Doctor Use Google Page Creator?

Google Health is Part of Google Co-op

BMJ: Build Google Medicine

How Doctors Use Google

How Do Doctors Use Google - Blogosphere Impact

Who's your patient's best friend? Google!

"Google, M.D." at the Clinic

Google, M.D. In Action

Google, M.D. In Action - Part II

Google Finds Correct Diagnosis in 58 % of Cases Published in NEJM

How Google is changing medicine. BMJ 12/05 (extract). Dean Giustini's blog.
The Doctor Will Google You Now. Open Source Media, Inc., May 31st, 2005. Listen to the MP3 stream.
Image source: Doctors Using Google by Philipp Lenssen, used with permission

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