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Anybody who has used Twitter knows it's not a "must" for doctors, neither is Facebook. Being up-to-date is. I shift my high-volume Twitters to Google Reader - it's a much more efficient way to read tweets than Twitter/TweetDeck/Seesmic/Brizly.

Only 27% of the information on Twitter has some value - That's actually pretty high if you think about it. More: The Twitter Flatline: Why Twitter Stopped Growing?

"Your personal web based EMR system: Google Health" - It is EHR for personal use, not EMR.

Brazilians are the most figure-conscious according to a new survey

2009 Medical Weblog Awards - Nominations will be accepted until Jan 24, 2010

Robert Centor: "I have several publications that would not have occurred without the impetus that this blog provided"

Complaints greet Google Nexus One phone - BBC - It's probably better to wait for "Nexus Two" then...

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