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Can We Change the Web's Culture of Nastiness? Drive-by anonymity" of the Web has fostered a culture of meanness. There is "vicious pack behavior on blogs, forums and social networks” NYT - I delete ALL offensive comments on my blog.

An open letter to consultants by a primary care physician 

16 Things I Like about the Google Nexus One (and 8 I don’t) by Kevin C. Tofel  -- Complaints rolling in about Google Nexus One - CNN Number 1: Contrary to initial speculation, the device isn't free :)

What hurts Google services? Lack of customer support. Try asking a question about Google Voice and you are directed to "Help forum"... After I asked about a Google Voice problem here:, the response is: "We'll only contact you if we need further information"

Google Puts Free Speech Above Phone Sales  -- The Fine Print Behind Google's Nexus One phone hides a huge return fee - more than the cost of the phone itself

If I realize that my tweet has wrong information for any reason, I delete it. Don't forget that every tweet is a separate web page - no corrections or responses can be seen on that page.

Tweets are not research articles - they are 140-character messages - please always go to the original source, links, etc. Tweets and links do not represent endorsement, approval or support. Image source:, public domain.

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