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Dr. Rob: "Our job is to resist an irresistible force. We are standing up to the hurricane, the avalanche, the flood."

Aol Quietly Launches An Expert Site Called Owl - the health section is largely empty at this point 

"Yale is Teaching Me Astrophysics for Free. There is so much information out there that I can’t keep up with it all"

"Top 10 Extraordinary People With Disabilities"

“50-degree plan”: Despite subzero temperatures & howling arctic winds, man keeps home heated to no more than 50 degrees

"How to Assemble Your Puppy"

"Thermal body scans side by side of 250 lb woman vs. 120 lb woman" - However, thermal scans don't show internal organs.

Health advice for children from (PDF) and

France echoes calls by German government for web users to find an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer - BBC       

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