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Do You Outsource Any Part of Your Blogging? - I don't. For better or worse (probably worse), it's 100% my work.

Businesses miss the point of social networks - it's about listening - What if everybody is listening?... :)

RT @paulocoelho "Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everybody loves you."

How long will it be before e-readers replace this well-stocked bookshop?

70% of hiring managers in US have rejected candidates because of their online reputation. See the main reasons:

Multi-tasking is a myth: Americans waste 20% of their time at work; 34.7% saying Internet is the biggest distraction - WSJ

"Manic Time" personal time management: tracking software logs computer use/work hours (free)

"What we really wanted was a MacPad not an iPad"

Medgadget Medical Blog Awards 2009 - a good summary by Life in the Fast Lane - Polls are open.  

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