How can we cope with information overload?

From CNN:

Online content growing so fast, common problem is feeling of missing out. New services suggest filtering RSS feeds or tweets to deal with too much content.

"You could be the filter. You could read 5,000 pieces of content and find what you want. But usually you want to do some other things with your life."

My approach is described here: How to deal with the information overload from blogs, RSS and Twitter?

The circle of online information (full version) (click to enlarge).

Reading in small bites, on the go, can also help you conquer the information overload. With its free Internet access, Amazon Kindle can be a useful device to achieve this goal.

How can we cope with information overload? CNN, 2010,
Check the series "What I Read" by different people in The Atlantic (scroll to the bottom of the page to see other links)


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