How to disable Google Buzz completely and delete all posts

From the blog Google OS:

Google added a new option that lets you disable Buzz, but you need to delete your Google Profile...

Even if you delete the profile, you'll still be able to create another profile later and you won't lose your Google account.

After you click on "Yes, delete my profile and posts", you'll notice that you didn't actually disable Google Buzz completely. You've deleted all your posts, removed your connections and the people you were following, but the Buzz section from Gmail is still there and you still have the same followers. Now you can click "turn off Buzz" and you'll disable Google Buzz.

From the Gmail blog:

View a summary of your own Buzz activity at The Google Dashboard provides a private, consolidated summary of the data associated with your Google account, as well as direct links to control your personal settings. As of today, Buzz has its own section on the Dashboard, so you can see how many people you're following, how many people are following you, and information about your recent posts, comments, and likes. You can also access your Buzz settings right there on the page:


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