Real-World Use Case Studies of Google Wave

From Gina Trapani:

Wave for Collaborative Meeting Notes

One of the most common suggested uses of Wave is taking collaborative notes during meetings, classes or conference sessions.

Wave for Q&A

This is probably a good idea, especially during conferences.

Wave as a Conference Backchannel

Alternatively, Twitter can do the same but in public space. The newly launched Google Buzz seems ideal for a conference backchannel limited to a particular group - this is is easy to set up from Gmail Contacts.

Wave as a Group To-do List and Daily Work Log

Every day, a fresh wave contains that day's tasks, ordered by priority, and what time they're due. Over the course of the day, workers in the group update the wave to reflect the current status of each task.

A Google Docs spreadsheet would work for that purpose as well.

Wave as an Event Planner

Alternatively, there are Google Docs templates for the same thing.

Google Wave in Action: Real-World Use Case Studies
Wave in Action


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