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Setting up Gmail filters to send recurrent PR emails to a "?Spam" folder bypassing the inbox

I am sorry guys but having a popular blog does not mean that I am happy receiving 10-20 unsolicited PR emails per day pitching all sorts of health-related products, services and events. I hope you understand... References: Using filters - Gmail Help

Tufts and the University of Chicago allowing prospective students to supplement their applications with YouTube videos

At Tufts, for instance, 1,000 out of 15,000 applicants this year submitted one-minute videos about themselves. Sources: Gizmodo, NYTimes, "answering machine" is asking "What is the best daily multivitamin for men?" It will reward the best answer with 20 "Mahalo dollars" (M$20.00).

The correct answer is that for most healthy people daily multivitamins are not needed and may even be harmful.

There are plenty of responses to the buzz as well.

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