A mine of information or "a mind of information"

A Twitter conversation:

@dreamingspires: Booo. Seesmic does the auto retweet thing and doesn't let you alter it. there must be a setting somewhere I can change.... [rummages]...

@DrVes: @dreamingspires You can ask the founder - @loic sounds helpful... No, seriously...

@dreamingspires: @loic - do you know if I can change the seesmic settings so that it's not an automatic retweet but editable? @DrVes thanks - have just asked him. You're a mine of information.

@BiteTheDust: @dreamingspires I prefer to think of @DrVes as a mind of information Not as some dusty tunnel stored with archives.

@loic: @dreamingspires just use the "quote" option it's the old editable RT.

I follow a lot of "minds of information" on Twitter and Google Buzz and I am thankful to them and the web services that made this possible.

Image source: OpenClipArt.org, public domain.

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