40% of households with digital cameras no longer print out their pictures

"Over the past couple of years, the photo imaging industry has watched the explosion of social networking with anguish: Nobody prints, and printing is the profit driver of our businesses.

Many people now upload pictures and share them with family and friends online instead. And with 400 million users uploading 3 billion photos a month, Facebook has become the largest photo-sharing site on the Web by far.

It's also troubling that most users aren't aware that uploading a picture to Facebook -- and then deleting it from your camera -- means you've lost the original image for good. Fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution."

I keep a lot of photos in Picasa Web Albums by Google and it has been a while since I printed any of them. Picasa Web Albums are accessible from any Internet connected device and have a mobile interface as well.

Pros and cons to Facebook's fast-growing role in digital photography - washingtonpost.com.

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