HTC Touch Pro2 Tips: Turn the screen off when listening to Windows Media Player and medical podcasts


"I love my HTC Touch... one of my biggest problems with it at the moment is that I can't turn the screen off properly. Examples: I turn my WMP on and I am listening to music, but I don't want to leave the screen on as it wastes batteries. The screen doesn't fade on its own and if i tap the power button, it just stops the music."


"Go to windows media player. then click on menu. now click on options. now press the buttons in the tab below. then go down the last option is toggle screen. just assign a key for that (for example, "Space bar"). this will off the phone's display and will play the music."

I listen to several medical podcasts on my cell phone and the mobile versions of Google Reader and/or Bloglines easily replace iTunes.

See the list of health podcasts I am gradually building with Google Bookmarks - it is work in progress and more podcasts will be added as I transfer them from the phone to the website:

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