Controlling your online reputation is becoming increasingly difficult

Controlling your online reputation is becoming increasingly difficult but it is not pointless. AVC Blog.

Reputation Is More Important Than Ever. Glass House.

The opposite view:

Reputation Is Dead: It’s Time To Overlook Our Indiscretions. TechCrunch:

"Today we have quick fire and semi or completely anonymous attacks on people, brands, businesses and just about everything else. And it is becoming increasingly findable on the search engines. Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, etc. are the new printing presses, and absolutely everyone, even the random wingnuts, have access.

The random slam against your restaurant anonymously left by the owner of the competitor around the corner. The Twitter flame about how bad a driver you are, complete with a link to a picture of your license plate.

And it’s about to get a lot worse. Next week a startup is launching that’s effectively Yelp for people (look for our coverage in a few days). If someone has something good or bad to say about you, they’ll be able to do it anonymously and with very little potential legal or social fallout."

More comments:

Nicholas Genes - Twitter: In the future, @arrington thinks people will anonymously slam others online (this is already true, for doctors)

Dave Winer, RSS inventor:

"Fred Wilson says you should vigorously defend your reputation on the Internet. This is something I gave up on long ago. There are too many people with axes to grind.

When competitors make public and personal accusations, how are you going to respond, when customers are watching? It's a very low-road way to compete. Not much you can but weather the storm, keep offering the best service you can, figuring the smart customers will ignore the personal stuff."

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