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  1. Ves Dimov, M.D.DrVes A metaphor for "association doesn't equal causation" in medical research: two people sitting on a couch doesn't mean they are married.
  2. Jonathan Pennjonathanpenn Trolling is often passed off as "debate" on Twitter.
  3. Scott Heifermanheif Bezos: "all the curious from the ages would have wanted to be alive most of all right now"
  4. michaelwdmichaelwd "I love when the machine gets it wrong and we get it right. Humans rule!" Cardiology attending, on EKG interpretation. Really loved cards.
  5. Ed BennettEdBennett Just got an email from a divorce attorney w/ settlement papers attached. Fortunately, they had the wrong email address.#AlwaysVerifyEmail
  6. Darren Rowseproblogger quote of the weekend from one of my wife's friends - "I found your wikipedia page.... is that all true?"
  7. Ves Dimov, M.D.DrVes Real-time travel blogging with tumblr, twitter & foursquare while on vacation Not sure this is a good idea, or even fun
  8. Matt Cuttsmattcutts Someone should invent "Twitter for Weekends": replay good past tweets from your friends on Sat/Sun when no one is tweeting.
  9. Howard Lukshjluks "Do u have any medical problems?" No.. "what's that scar on ur chest?" Oh, I had heart problems but that was fixed... :-(
  10. Paulo Coelhopaulocoelho Fav @ihatequotes today: Live each day like it's your last;one day you gonna be right.

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