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  • Paulo Coelhopaulocoelho Driving & thinking: It's the same life whether we spend it complaining or laughing.
  • Suw Suw funny how it's always sunny on Google Maps.
  • Paulo Coelhopaulocoelho In fact, Each day for me is a musical note that I use to compose the symphony of my life
  • RobboBiteTheDust RT @DrVes: 98% of People Cannot Drive Safely Using Cell Phones 100% of drivers think they are in the 2%!
  • Evan Williamsev Sign in pediatric office: URGENT: Smile until 5:01pm.
  • J. SchwimmerJoshuaSchwimmer The iPhone's autocorrect is a steady, accidental source of new words. "Wollongong?"
  • Robert Silge, MDDoctorMac My first patient of private practice, and only patient scheduled for today is a no-show. It's like I never left fellowship.
  • Heart RNClevClinicHeart Donald Underwood, MD, Head, Electrocardiography Cleveland Clinic, recently read his one millionth EKG. It has taken him approx. 30 years.
  • Paul StamatiouStammy whee canceled my super expensive health insurance. replaced it with bare minimum $5,000 deductible, $80/mon #startupplan. dont tell my mom.

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