Sharp increase in employee terminations because of social media use

From NBC Chicago:

More employers are using software to keep tabs on employees, and your harmless rant or online search could cost you your job. One termination letter reads: "It is essential that we not become involved in public controversy either in support or in opposition of an issue." That covers just about everything.

Civil rights attorney pointed out that employers have every right to, and usually do, snoop around employees personal Internet pages. If the employer can access something it finds objectionable on an employee's page -- even if the objectionable activity is legal -- it could be grounds for firing. Employees in the private world often misinterpret freedom of speech. "Almost all employees, understandably, think that we have a freedom of speech right that extends to all areas of our life, including employment. That's not the case. Unless somebody is a public employee, unless somebody works for a governmental entity, the federal government, state, local, generally they have no free speech rights."

Your Boss is Likely Spying on You. NBC.
Employers should think twice before trying to restrict workers from talking about their jobs on Facebook/Twitter/blogs

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