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Arikia Millikan
I was going to prank my dad with the lizard while napping but thought the better of it as he sleeps with his gun under his pillow.
Laika (Jacqueline)
2 nerves give u trouble w/a superficial parotidectomy: the facial nerve & the surgeon's nerves. & mine 2 when reading
HN Firehose
Why do Russians smile so little (and Americans so much?):
Ves Dimov, M.D.
Who Says What to Whom on Twitter - Bloggers rebroadcast more information than the rest of users
Ves Dimov, M.D.
50% of tweets consumed are generated by just 20K elite users (free full text)
Dave Winer
How the iPad revolution has transformed working lives
Tim O'Reilly
Not my usual twitter fare, but worth sharing: Mark Bittman's 101 incredibly easy summer recipes
Paul Kedrosky
Like the President of Yemen, I'm willing to leave power "with dignity" -- and the going rate for dignity is ~ $100m. Just FYI.

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