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Blogging gives voice to doctors in the trenches - Dr. Rob is the newest contributor to the ACP Internist blog

Hyperkalaemia - a summary from Life in the Fast Lane, one of the best medical blogs I've seen in a while:

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Wave by Gina Trapani. How do you describe what Google Wave is in the fewest words possible? Multimedia wikichat  -- Google Wave can have many uses but it's a rough draft currently. HIPAA noncompliance is the biggest problem for healthcare adoption. The same applies to Google Docs.

Blogging for knowledge workers: incubating ideas

Conan O'Brien's letter: "No one should feel sorry for me. In a world with real problems, I’ve been absurdly lucky"

Verizon phone data plans: Where a Megabyte Costs Almost as Much as a Stamp

"Next time you have surgery, ask the surgeon one simple question: Will you use checklists as part of the procedure?"

Implications of (almost) free online storage for educators and students

"It’s a tough job market, but if you’ve won a Nobel Prize and run the NIH, we may have a gig for you."
Practicalities of tweeting from multiple accounts

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