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Gmail's HTTPS Access (secure access) Is Enabled by Default

Why doctors in the United States order so many CT scans and MRI tests? - from KevinMD and NYT

Sirolimus has the potential to ameliorate Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (APCKD)

"Tips for ordering a healthier pizza"

"I’ve written 322,560 words on Twitter, which is basically a novel in Tweets" - I'm sorry to disappoint you but this hardly qualifies as novel... :)   

"All Tangible Media Is Going Away – It’s Just A Matter Of Time" - Digital and in the cloud.

"We live in a culture of yes. Saying No To Patients Can Make Doctors Very Unpopular." - Dr Edwin Leap

"35 is the new 40" - American feeling older, younger - and a national erosion in optimism

"Have enough friends on Facebook? They don’t think so. Facebook Gets Pushy About Its Automatic Friend Finder"  

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