Information overload: "I can't follow it all"

Steve Rubel posted on Buzz: "I have been online since 1988. Many of you were embryos. Today it's different. Information is exploding and there's no end in sight. We have a torrent in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now Buzz. I can't follow it all.

At night I go home and study for three hours by reading all my newsletters and the key articles. It's like consuming a fine meal."

Information overload is a big issue. Here is my current approach:

The circle of online information (full version) (click to enlarge). Source: How to deal with the information overload from blogs, RSS and Twitter?

This approach worked before Google Buzz. Now, Buzz makes it easier because the conversation is less disjointed and it's far quicker to make a blog post from a Buzz update than from stitching together 5-10 tweets.

I will probably replace Twitter with Buzz in the mind map above and in my daily workflow.


Arin Basu - Nice plan. I think it got somewhat simplified now. one can pool in all articles off the web (including pubmed searches, emedicine articles, etc) either through diigo, citeulike, mendeley web > RSS > google reader and then now one can share through buzz for blogging/store them in mendeley/citeulike for using them later for writing articles or reports.

Check the series "What I Read" by different people in The Atlantic (scroll to the bottom of the page to see other links)

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