Useful keyboard shortcuts in Google Buzz

I think Google Buzz is a real micro-blogging tool - not Twitter. You can actually edit your notes/updates in Buzz. For example, delete the ones that are redundant. Or expand a post rather than adding a tweet after tweet to explain your idea.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Buzz include:

- Switch between Gmail and Buzz with keyboard shortcuts: G+I (Go to Inbox) and G+B (Go to Buzz). You must enable keyboard shortcuts from Gmail settings of course.

- Scroll down/up - hit J or K

- "Mute" a post - hit M

- There are even easier to remember shortcuts - "N" - Next message (scroll down the page) and "P" - previous message (scroll up)

- "U" refreshes your page in Google Buzz

Publish an update: Tab + Enter

I'm glad there is a simple way to solve some of the information overload in Google Buzz - hit "N" (next) to select a post, then "M" to mute it - this post and all its comments will disappear from your updates stream.

Many of the Gmail shortcuts work:

"Google Buzz is RSS-enabled. If you want to subscribe to someone's Buzz in your feed reader, just go to their Google profile page. Once there, you'll see the orange RSS icon appear in the browser's address bar. Click the icon in order to add Buzz to your feed reader."


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