Best Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome extensions let you add new features and functions to your browser. Some provide one-click access to your favorite web applications like Twitter, or news and information sources such as NPR. Others are useful tweaks for performing common online tasks such as browsing photos, getting directions or shopping.

Now you can browse over 2,000 tools in the extensions gallery and install them in Google Chrome.

Using Extensions on Google Chrome

These are some of the extensions I have installed:

Google Share Button
LastPass (password manager)
Chromed Bird is a Twitter extension
Calculator - results are generated using Google and Wolfram|Alpha
Forecastfox Weather
Feedly (RSS reader)
Google Voice (by Google)

A similar list created by you can help you easily install your favorite extensions when working on a new computer or when updating the portable versions of Chrome.
Google Chrome - Best Extensions. List at Google Bookmarks.
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Updated: 11/05/2010

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  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Ves, have you tried Shareaholic yet? It's one of the ones that is in the video, and much better than Google Share (which ripped off Shareaholic)! --