"This is a profile page about me" (or not) - fix your Google profile

From Google support:

"Once you create your profile, Google automatically suggests links to some of the Google products you currently use. You can choose to display one or more of these links on your public profile.

Google will automatically detect which of the links are profiles, and distinguish them from other websites to help you better consolidate your identity on the Web. When you edit these links, you'll see the option 'This is a profile page about me' selected by default."

Image source: Google profile.

You will notice that all your Twitter accounts will be pre-selected to be the "true you" on the web because Twitter automatically adds the "me" relative to the HTML of your tweets. It feels a bit like Twitter "hijacks" your identity. It is good for SEO and Twitter since the profiles rank high in searches for your name but this should definitely be an opt-in feature rather than default.

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