40 Kindle Tips

From iReaderReview:

Google Services

- Access Google Reader from Your Kindle. You can access Google Reader from your Kindle by using the mobile version of the site – http://www.google.com/reader/m

- You can also access other Google products like GMail (http://m.gmail.com) and Google Calendar (http://www.google.com/calendar/m)

Text to Speech

- Start Text to Speech using Shift+SYM. Shift is the Up Arrow button. Pause and Resume Text to Speech using the Space Bar.

Mp3 Player Shortcuts

- Play or Stop Background Audio – Alt+Space. Skip to the next song – Alt+F.

- Read an html file on your Kindle: Rename an html file to .txt and put it in your Documents Folder. Now the Kindle will open it up just as it would a book.

Find Free Public Domain Books

The three best sites are Manybooks.net, Gutenberg.org, and Internet Archive (archive.org/details/texts/). Always look for kindle compatible formats and choose these format:

- ‘Kindle (.azw)’ on ManyBooks.
- ‘Mobipocket (experimental)’ on Gutenberg.org.
- ‘Kindle (beta)’ on Archive.org.

Find Free Books in the Kindle Store

Go to any category and search by Price:Low to High to find the free books. To remove public domain books type in ‘-public’ in the search box and press Enter. To find all the new free books in the Kindle Store select ‘Kindle Books’ in the drop down box on the left of the Search Bar and then type in ‘-public’ and press Enter. After that in the Sort By drop-down box choose - Price: Low to High.

See Time, Network Type, and Free Memory

Press Menu and you can see these in the status bar – On the top left is the amount of free memory your Kindle has, in the centre the time, and on the right the type of wireless network the Kindle is connected to.

Take a Screenshot

Press Alt+Shift+G to take a screenshot. The Shift Key is the Up Arrow key. These screenshots are saved as images in the Documents folder of your Kindle.

Change line spacing when reading Kindle Books

Press Alt+Shift+Number to change the spacing between lines. Alt+Shift+1 sets the smallest line spacing and Alt+Shift+9 sets the largest line spacing.

Get Pictures on your Kindle

Create a ‘Pictures’ Folder on your Kindle (same level as the Documents Folder). Create sub-folders within the Pictures Folder. Put images in these sub-folders. On the Home Page press Alt+Z to have these sub-folders show up as Photo Albums.

Shortcuts when Viewing Pictures on your Kindle

Zoom in on the Picture – Q Key.
Zoom Out of the Picture – W Key.
Pan photo – 5-way controller.
Reset Zoom – E key. Actual Size – C key.
Turn Full Screen Mode On and Off – F Key.
Rotate Image – R key.

A List of mobile websites that work well with Kindle

Go to http://cantoni.mobi to get a huge list of websites that have well done mobile versions which will work well with your Kindle’s browser.

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