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  • shel israelshelisrael Ah Friday nights... the loneliest time in the Twitterstream.
  • Ben Casnochabencasnocha I'm for the Lakers because I like the fact that they meditate before games. Phil Jackson, so zen.
  • CEO -Tonyzappos Friend gave me book about memory, how to remember names & faces. I wanted to start reading it, but I forgot where I put it.
  • Paul Kedroskypkedrosky My electrician: $1000 yellow pages ads brought $200 in business; free Yelp with solid reviews brings $1000s. Him: "Love whatever Yelp is".
  • Robert Silge, MDDoctorMac Man, if actual soccer were as exciting as soccer in commercials it would be the best game ever.
  • CEO -Tonyzappos "You can't have everything... Where would you put it?" -Steven Wright
  • Funny One Linersfunnyoneliners I'm not paranoid, but everyone thinks I am.
  • Ed ShahzadeEd "Don't tweet anything you don't want to see on a billboard, with your name on it and your mom driving by"-@UnMarketing
  • Mike Cadogansandnsurf Use THINGS not people; Love PEOPLE not Things

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