Best apps for Google Chrome

These are some of my favorite apps for Google Chrome. Please share yours in the comment section below.

- TweetDeck - it has a nice clean interface that combines all your Twitter accounts and Facebook in one stream. It combines the replies too.

- Seesmic - I think Loic (the founder of Seesmic) is great but I still somehow like TweetDeck better. Seesmic is an online dashboard for most of your social media services.

- NPR - this is an iPad interface for NPR, it works very well and incorporates audio (of course).

- NYTimes - this app is very similar to the NPR app above, without the audio.

- Groovershark - this is an online "radio" station, similar to Pandora, but without the monthly limits and audio ads.

- Listube - similar to Grooveshark but it streams music from YouTube, hence the name.

- Weather Undergound - cool interface.

- JoliCloud - this is a dual service - it creates a virtual "desktop" as an app for Google Chrome (a nice way to organize your bookmarks) - or it can be a real desktop if you install it as a regular download.

- App Launcher - This is a sample app launcher extension. It adds a browser action icon - when you click on it you get a list of your installed apps. From there, you can launch an app by either clicking on it in the list, or using arrow keys to select it and then pressing enter. It also does search as you type.

You can find all the apps above and more in the Chrome web store.

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