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shel israel
Using Facebook a little bit more. Not that I like it any better, but because it is important for me to hang out where people hang out.
Paul Kedrosky
The 4-yo to me: Daddy, this Is my insect finger. Me: You mean index finger? The 4-yo: No, insect finger. I squash bugs with it. Me: Ah.
Paul Kedrosky
I was in a bookstore the other day for first time in ages. They have become very sad places in the age of Kindle/iPad/etc.
Ves Dimov, M.D.
Chain of journal article retractions: When a plagiarist plagiarizes from an author who herself has plagiarized...
Mike Cadogan
TILT from the TRIP Database crew looks like a great way to record a learning log and interact with peers
When the attending calls, get the *name* of patient. (Because room # might be wrong & you might spend an hour working up wrong patient)
Dave Winer
My eye doctor can't get a glasses prescription right, so I'm waiting 3 weeks, still no new glasses. My theory: he has too many patients.

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